Dear Parents,

Shalom! We extend outstretched arms to say hello to all of you and welcome you to The Children’s Jewish Education Group!

Here at CJEG we pride ourselves on being a parent-run cooperative school. But what does that mean? Simply stated, it means that CJEG is run and supported by parent involvement, including decisions that range from curriculum to snacks. And we want involvement! As parents you are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and contribute some of your time and talents, whether it is a new website design (voila!), stepping up as a treasurer, or organizing an enrichment program. All ideas are welcome, and most lead directly to action. There are committees to join and form as well; recently an idea about golfing led to a highly successful annual golf outing fundraiser. Ideas as such are the lifeline to our school. We hope that all parents will lend their individual creative talents wherever and whenever they can, but more than that, we expect that all families will take part in the various activities and events throughout the year that require so much volunteer input. CJEG is for you and your children, so please take an active role.

Each year we work hard to bring in new families so we can continue to provide a CJEG education to our current students. Prospective families are always welcome to come to school, sit in on classes, and join us in any of our holiday celebrations. Our parent meetings are often a time to discuss ways in which we can encourage new members. Please bring your feedback and ideas!

Our classes are held in the Humanities building on the Purchase College campus next to the Neuberger Museum. Parking is in the A1 lot down the road; additional parking can be found in Lots W1 and W2.

Click here to access the school’s curriculum. Please feel free to call us with any questions. Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope to call you family very soon!

Amy Nadasdi and Charles Strauzer